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Stark is a musical group, originating from Houston, Texas, not neccesarily known as a city of diversified music.Not merely content with creating rehashes of "Been there, done that" rock music, Stark dynamically combine elements of Hard Rock, Funk, Reggae, Metal, Blues, and Insane JazzPunk into a suprisingly coherent mixture.Their music embodies the sense of adventure one might experience when he/she discovers something new...something different... A brazen mixture of things you may have heard, but definitely not in this world. But dont take it from their fans; Join the mailing list, and we will send you a personalized copy of a rehearsal with your choice o 3 originals and one cover tune.

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WE'RE Playing a Radio-sponsored Show! 8/17/02
The moment has arrived... You can now witness, in all their inherent glory... STARK LIVE!!! We are performing on-stage with several of our high school contemporaries at a beneit against President Bush and his Facist regime! The tentative list of bands is as follows:
The Girlies
King Louie and the swinging monkies
Rest assured, their will be many more added as the week goes on.
We will keep you informed with further details
                             Your Friends,

12/1 IV's Backyard Bash

12/31-1/1 New Year's Party

2/8/02 Heep's Party
3/12/13 The Peace Rally


Stark  is Gonna Play a gig! Check out "news" for More Info...

Meet the Band:

Joseph Zaragoza: Vocals
Chris Rockaway: Guitar
Matt Aguilar: Bass
Andy Monteil: Drums


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