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"Kick ass gig fellas! Damn officer Zachariah! Oh, well we still did good(so everyone said) I hope they weren't lying just to be nice! Thanks to all of"


December 1, Backyard Bash

The show was a success although the bass and vocals need to be turned a little louder. Everyone was suprised by the level of maturity that Stark Naked showed in their set list. Stark credits all their screw-ups on Officer Zachariah and all of the other piggies like him.DEATH TO PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenna's new year's party

Stark Naked rocked out on December 31, at Jenna's wherehouse, opening with a new, multisectional song and seguing into other favorites. The evening closed with Chris' rendition of the star spangled banner.

Febuary 16, Heep's party
 Stark rocked out old school to an audience of 2, but those two people praised us unsparingly