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This band is awesome live!

"Kick ass gig fellas! Damn officer Zachariah! Oh, well we still did good(so everyone said) I hope they weren't lying just to be nice! Thanks to all of"


December 1, Backyard Bash, Houston

The Show Started off with the brilliant air guitar play of Chris Lyerly and oh yeah there was Edgar too. Stark Naked found themselves with a tough act to follow. Stark Naked managed to get the crowd up with a cover of the 311 song 'Do You Right'. When they started to play some of their originals the crowd ignited. The sound was great exept that the bass and vocals needed to be louder. The show was awesome until the pigies arrived. Stark tried protesting but weren't too convincing. Stark Naked turned it down but it was too late the mood was already ruined. Managing to finish the set it was still an overall success for Stark Naked.

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